Tell Dallas Area Rapid Transit to offer Domestic Partner Benefits

DARTAndrew Moss, a former Dallas Area Rapid Transit employee whose husband still works for the agency, is no longer able to work due to a health issue. (Moss and his husband were married in California, but their marriage is not recognized by the state of Texas.)

Unlike many other agencies in the DFW area (including Parkland Hospital, DFW International Airport and both the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth), DART does not offer domestic partner benefits to its employees, which has forced Moss to purchase COBRA insurance at great cost.

Moss has started a petition urging DART to change its policy. Equality Texas supports this effort and encourages everyone to additionally contact Gary Thomas, the Executive Director of DART, and Jesse Oliver, the Deputy Executive Director (whose duties include overseeing human resources and diversity).

Please e-mail Misters Thomas and Oliver either using the form letter below, or (even better!) compose your own letter.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

You can follow-up your letter with a phone call to 214-749-3278 and by mailing them at:

Gary Thomas
1401 Pacific Ave
Dallas, TX  75202

Jesse Oliver
1401 Pacific Ave
Dallas, TX  75202

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