Monday, May 23, 2011

Your immediate action is needed if we are to pass meaningful anti-bullying legislation this legislative session.  House Bill 1942 is the consensus, bipartisan product of State Representative Diane Patrick (R-Arlington) and members of the House Public Education Committee. The bill passed the House on a vote of 94-41.

The Senate passed over 40 bills on Saturday, but unfortunately House Bill 1942 was not one of them. The bill did not reach the floor for debate and passage.

We are running out of time!  We need the Senate to pass House Bill 1942 on Monday, May 23rd. Because there was a technical correction to the bill in the Senate Education Committee, HB 1942 will still need to travel back to the House for one final vote to concur with the Senate changes.  All of this requires time that we don't have.

Please call right now and ask your State Senator to bring HB 1942 to the floor on Monday and PASS IT!

Brian Birdwell 512-463-0122 John Carona 512-463-0116 Wendy Davis 512-463-0110
Bob Deuell 512-463-0102 Robert Duncan 512-463-0128 Rodney Ellis 512-463-0113
Kevin Eltife 512-463-0101 Craig Estes 512-463-0130 Troy Fraser 512-463-0124
Mario Gallegos 512-463-0106 Chris Harris 512-463-0109 Glenn Hegar 512-463-0118
Chuy Hinojosa 512-463-0120 Joan Huffman 512-463-0117 Mike Jackson 512-463-0111
Eddie Lucio Jr 512-463-0127 Jane Nelson 512-463-0112 Robert Nichols 512-463-0103
Steve Ogden 512-463-0105 Dan Patrick 512-463-0107 Jose Rodriguez 512-463-0129
Kel Seliger 512-463-0131 Florence Shapiro 512-463-0108 Carlos Uresti 512-463-0119
Leticia Van de Putte 512-463-0126 Kirk Watson 512-463-0114 Jeff Wentworth 512-463-0125
Royce West 512-463-0123 John Whitmire 512-463-0115 Tommy Williams 512-463-0104
Judith Zafirini 512-463-0121

Talking Points on HB 1942:

  • HB 1942 is the single best opportunity this session to pass meaningful legislation to address bullying, cyberbullling and harassment. 
  • HB 1942 has bipartisan authors and bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.
  • HB 1942 is on the calendar for Monday. We cannot wait. Bring HB 1942 to the floor and PASS IT.

Talking Points should a Senator's office indicate that they are waiting on Senate Bill 205 by Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston):

  • The clock is running out and both HB 1942 and SB 205 are in danger of dying due to lack of time.
  • The House Calendars Committee has already set the House Calendar for Monday AND Tuesday of this week and SB 205 is NOT on it.
  • SB 205 has no GOP authors or sponsors. House Calendars Committee is 12 R's and 3 D's.
  • If SB 205 should make it on to a House Calendar, we can work to advance it.
  • But, we cannot wait for something that may never happen.
  • HB 1942 is on the Senate Calendar for Monday. We need to bring it to the floor and PASS IT.

Please call right now and ask your State Senator to bring HB 1942 to the floor on Monday and PASS IT!

Don't know your State Senator? Find out here.

To send your State Senator an email with this request, please click here.

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